Steve’s Steaks….

Went to a local steak house the other day….Steve’s Steakhouse in Carlstadt. Very close to home for me and one of my favorite places. I am a regular here and no longer need a menu. I always get the 16 oz. NY Strip with a side of sauce (similar to a Magy sauce) and the steak fries are put on a side dish. They are usually served on the steak dish with mushrooms, but I like having it served separately. This is not the norm though, I am probably a pain to them…but judging by the good service, I don’t think they really mind. I like sitting at the bar while I eat and watch a game that is usually playing on the TV’s that they have hanging on the walls. Anyway, another favorite steakhouse of mine. If you ever get by there and you sit at the bar, Tommy the bartender serves a mean drink along with a great steak. Until next time folks….